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  1. Teqip Workshop on Modal Analysis
  2. Summer Internship with INVENT under SIIC
  3. Summer Internship and Visiting Researcher program 2018
  4. Practical English: Learning and Teaching
  5. Introduction to Manufacturing Process
  6. Summer Training Program on Active Learning
  7. Summer Training in Robotics
  8. Dynamics and Control of Rotorcraft
  9. Faculty Induction Program
  10. Visiting Researcher Program - Ms. Nandini Sharma
  11. TEQIP Long term training program at NcFlexE, IIT Kanpur
  12. TEQIP Summer Training in Robotics
  13. TEQIP Short Term Course on Introduction to Robotics
  14. TEQIP Short Term Course on BIG DATA
  15. KIT IIT Kanpur Summary of Activities
  16. Annual Report 2016-17
  17. UP Startup Conclave Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Academic Institutions: Challenges and Opportunities
  18. International Workshop on Energy, Propulsion and Environment
  19. Rarefied and Microscale Gases and Viscoelastic Fluids: a Unified Framework
  20. TEQIP Winter Internship Program 2016
  21. TEQIP Workshop on Modeling, Simulation and Implementation using MATLAB and Simulink
  22. TEQIP Workshop on Mechanics of Reinforced Polymer Composites
  23. TEQIP Short course on Combustion: Fundamental and Applications
  24. TEQIP Workshop on Control Techniques and Applications
  25. TEQIP Workshop on Advanced Sensors and Actuators
  26. KIT Brochure 2016
  27. Annual Report July 2015 - July 2016
  28. TEQIP workshop on Machining Dynamics
  29. TEQIP Short Course on Basic Physics 2016
  30. Summer Internship and Visiting Researcher Program 2016
  31. Annual Report 2014-15
  32. TEQIP Workshop on Advanced Micro Nano Technologies
  33. TEQIP School on Computational Methods in Engineering Application
  34. TEQIP Workshop on Advanced Robotics
  35. TEQIP Workshop on Research Skills and Methods
  36. Pravartana 2016: TEQIP Symposium on Mechanics
  37. TEQIP Workshop on High Resolution X-Ray and Electron Diffraction
  38. TEQIP Winter Internship and Visiting Researcher Programme-2015
  39. Materials and Metallurgy Curriculum Discussion, NIT Srinagar
  40. TEQIP Workshop on Microstructure Engineering via Heat Treatments
  41. Short term course on Micromanufacturing
  42. System and Control
  43. Summer Internship and Visiting Researcher Programme 2015
  44. Short Course on Basic Physics
  45. TEQIP workshop on Effective use of EdRP Components
  46. TEQIP workshop on Electromagnetic Theory
  47. Mechanics School at IIT Kanpur
  48. CALDAM 2015 School on Discrete Mathematics
  49. International Workshop on Sustainable Energy, Power and Propulsion
  50. Structure and Characterization of Materials
  51. Digital Communication and Networks
  52. Winter Internship
  53. MOOC on Cloud Computing
  54. Overview of interactions and activities till now.
  55. Annual Report 2013 - 14
  56. Pravartana 2014
  57. Workshop for Computer Science Teacher's
  58. Dynamics and Vibrations
  59. Mechanics in Physics
  60. Summer Internship
  61. TEQIP Workshop on Teaching Methodologies in Chemical and Material Sciences.
  62. International Workshop on Novel Combustion Concepts for Sustainable Energy Development.
  63. TEQIP workshop on Systems Engineering.
  64. Pravartana 2013
UPCOMING EVENTS 1 Pedagogical workshop on Complex Fluids and Geophysical Flows
03/12/2018 - 16/12/2018

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