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Lecture Videos: Pravartana 2014
2014-07-19 to 2014-07-25

Applied Maths I  (Linear Algebra)
    -Dr. Anindya Chatterjee

Applied Maths II (ODE; Numerical methods)
    -Dr. Anindya Chatterjee

Dynamics I (Kinematics)
    -Dr. Ishan Sharma

Mathematical preliminaries for Mechanics (Vectortensor algebra and analysis)
    -Dr. Ishan Sharma

Continuum Mechanics I Kinematics
    -Dr. Anurag Gupta

Dynamics II (FBD Conservation laws; Inertial and rotating frames Inertia tensor)
    -Dr. Ishan Sharm

Fluid Mechanics I (Kinematics Balance laws Constitutive laws)
    -Dr. V Shankar

Fluid Mechanics II (Viscous flows Flow past spher Lubrication theory BVP)
    -Dr. V Shankar

Hydrology in ancient India
    -Prof. Veeravalli

Continuum Mechanics II (Balance laws and the notion of stress)
    -Dr. Anurag Gupta

Applied Math III
    -Dr. Atanu

Applied Math IV (PDE; Numerical methods)
    -Dr. Atanu Mohanty

Dynamics III
    -Dr. Shakti Gupta

Dynamics IV
    -Dr Shakti Gupta

Fluid mechancis III
    -Dr. Debopam Das

Fluid mechancis IV
    -Dr. Debopam Das

Solid Mechanics I
    -Dr. Sovan Das

Solid Mechanics II
    -Dr. Sovan Das

    -Dr. Sovan Das

Elastic and Material Instabilities Inhyperelastic Materials
    -Prof. C S Jog

Analysis of two dimensional rigid inclusions subjected to forces and moment
    -Dr. Tanmay Bhandakkar

Temperature Control in Molecular Dynamics
    -Prof. Baidurya Bhattacharyya

Hydrodynamic stability the role of the continuous spectrum
    -Prof. Ganesh Subramanian

Predictive mathematical models of human walking and running
    -Prof. Manoj Srinivisan

Robust Controls An Uncertainty and Disturbance Estimation based Approach
    -Prof. S.E. Talole

Creep and warping analyses of hot running railway wheels
    -Dr. Vikranth Racherla

Taylor-Couette like vortices and the micro-mechanics of stress transmission in sheared granular materials
    -Prof. Prabhu Nott

Talk Multivariate Data Analysis Techniques for Linear Mixing Models
    -Prof. Shankar Narasimhan

Advanced numerical methods for modeling continuum phenomena on modern computer architectures.
    -Prof. Shivsubramanian Gopalkrishnan

Modelling microstructural phenomena using lattice spring networks
    -Prof. Srikanth Vedantam

Importance of Fluid Flow in Optimization and Control of Industrial Reactors.
    -Prof. Venkat Runkana

Aerodynamics of Birds’ Flight and Design of an Ornithopter
    -Prof. Debopam Das

Drop formation of a power-law fluid on a thin film coating a vertical fibre
    -Prof. John Hinch

Heat and mass transport from particles and drops role of convection.
    -Prof. Ganesh Subramanian (JNCASR Bangalore)

Modeling human movement Mechanics, energy optimality, and stability
    -Prof. Manoj Srinivasan

Explaining the flow of elastic liquids
    -Prof. John Hinch

UPCOMING EVENTS 1 KIT Workshop on Faculty Training on Robotics & Automation
17 Feb 2020 - 28 Feb 2020

2 KIT International Workshop on Energy, Environment and Multiphase Flows
24 Feb 2020 - 26 Feb 2020

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