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Lecture Videos: PRAVARTANA:KIT symposium on Mechanics
2016-02-12 to 2016-02-14

Workshop Introduction

Two applications of statistics from an engineering perspective
    -Prof Anindya Chatterjee, IIT Kanpur

Ductile Fracture using continuum damage mechanics
    -Prof P M Dixit, IIT Kanpur

Finite element studies on indentation and molding using a strain gradient theory
    -Prof. S. Basu, IIT Kanpur

Challenges in the modeling of metal forming processes
    -Prof. US Dixit, IIT Guwahati

Non-Metric Material connection and inhomogeneities in materially uniform elastic solids
    -Ayan Roy Chowdhury, IIT Kanpur

Modeling fatigue crack propagation in adhesively bonded composites
    -Azhar Jamil, AMU

Linear elastic model for generating wavy structure in lipid membrane by peripheral proteins
    -Prof. Paritosh Mahata, NIT Jalandhar

Contact mechanics of beams
    -Prof Venugopala Swami Punati, IIT Kanpur

Improved harmonicity due to mode locking in strings vibrating against obstacle
    -Prof. Ashok Mandal, NIT Jamshedpur

Effect of crack closure parameter and cut off on negative triaxiality on damage growth
    -Manoj Kumar, IIT Kanpur

Aeromechanical Instabilities in Helicopters
    -Prof Ranjith M, IIT Madras

Strength reliability of fiber bubdles attempts to extract statistics from deceitful simulation data
    -Prof. S Mahesh, IIT Madras

Recents Trends in Ultrasonic NDT
    -Prof N N Kishore, IIT Kanpur

Ultrasonic Tomography of Persperx Polystyrene Speciman
    -Prof P Munshi, IIT Kanpur

Flexible Forming Processes(with emphasis on incremental forming)
    -Prof N V Reddy, IIT Hyderabad

Structure Mechanics relationship in fibrous biomaterials
    -Mohd. Suhail Rizvi, IIT Kanpur

Stall, flutter and thrust generation of an oscillating airfoil
    -Vaitala Laxman, Amrita University, Coimbatore

Overview of Helicopter Dynamics and Aeroelasticity, and Autonomous Mini helicopter development at IIT kanpur
    -Prof. C Venkatesan, IIT Kanpur

Modeling of Material behaviour and analysis of structures with multi-functional capabilities
    -Prof. VL Sateesh, NAL, Bangalore

Future design requirements and trends to overcome challenges of helicopter operations
    -N S krishna, HATSOFF Helicopter Training Pvt Ltd. Bangalore

Manufacture and development of a RCSERVO MOTOR Challenges from the perspective of a start up
    -Mr. B B Swaroop, Rotavio Labs

Structural integrity assessment on solid propellant rocket motors
    -Prof BN Rao, K L University

Veledrictory funciton, aerospace department IIT Kanpur

Veledirctory function, mechanical departmet

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17 Feb 2020 - 28 Feb 2020

2 KIT International Workshop on Energy, Environment and Multiphase Flows
24 Feb 2020 - 26 Feb 2020

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