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Lecture Videos: KIT workshop on Advanced Micro Nano Technologies
2016-05-09 to 2016-05-13

Workshop Inauguration

Ultrasonic Micromaching for MEMS applications
    -Dr Jamil Akhtar, CEERI Pilani

Nano Fabrication and Characterization of energetic materials
    -Dr. Vinay Kumar Patel, IIT Kanpur

Micro Electric Discharge Capabilities and applications
    -Dr S K Subbu, NIT Warangal

Micro casting Modelling and validation a challenge
    -Prof Arvind Kumar, IIT Kanpur

Fabrication, Characterization and application of nanostructures in sensing and remedication
    -Dr. Ankur Gupta, IIT Kanpur

Surface finishing and its importance on application in micro and nanodomain
    -Prof Ajay M Sidpara

Science and Technology of Miniaturization
    -Prof R K Singh, IIT Bombay

Micro Manufacturing system development and challenges
    - Prof. Naga Hanumaiah, CMERI Durgapur

Laser Beam Micromachining of Advanced Materials
    -Prof. Vinod Yadava, MNNIT Allahabad

Flexible Electronics
    -Monica Katiyar, IIT Kanpur

Optical Sensors and biomedical applications
    -Prof N J Vasa, IIT Madras

Nanoindentation of Materials
    -Prof. Kantesh Balani, IIT Kanpur

Nanoindentation of Materials
    -Prof. Arinban Banerjee, IACS Kolkata

Biomedical Applications of Nanotechnology
    -Prof. Niraj Sinha, IIT Kanpur

Additive manufacturing at micro level some chalenges
    -Prof. PVM Rao, IIT Delhi

Micromanufacturing A Vision
    -Dr. V K Jain, IIT Kanpur

Micro EDM Issues
    -Dr. J Ramkumar, IIT Kanpur

Micro and Nano Fabrication Methods
    -Prof. S Anantha Ramakrishna

Interfacial flow throught Micro Channels
    -Prof. Ashish Kr. Sen IIT Chennai

Challenges in silicon Machining for sensors fabrication
    -Prof. Siddhartha Panda, IIT Kanpur

Microscale fluid control for diagnostics
    - Dr. Rishikant, IIT Kanpur

Learning of Hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity from bio applications
    -Dr. Nripen Chanda, CMERI Durg

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