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Lecture Videos: International Workshop on Novel Combustion
2014-01-02 to 2014-01-04

Sustainable MultiGeneration Performance Evaluation and Two Case Studies
    -Prof. Sudipta De

Sustainable Development of Green and Clean Waste to Energy City
    -Prof. Somrat Kerdsuwan

Stabilization and Impingement Heat Transfer Characteristics
    -Prof. Anjan Ray

Process and Reactor level simulations of Chemical
    -Prof. A. Gupta

Role of Hydrogen in Emission Reduction and Performance
    -Prof. Probir K. Bose

Progress and Prospects of Dimethyl Ether DME as an Alternative Fuel
    -Prof. Chang Sik Lee

Novel Engines for Efficient Energy Conversion

Modeling of High Altitude Testing for Large Area Ratio Rocket Motors
    -Prof. T. Sundararajan

Liquid Jet Breakup in Swirling Crossflow

Laser Based InSitu Diagnostics and Numerical Simulations of Syngas Combustion

Large Eddy Simulation of Reacting Sprays

Instabilities in Burning Droplets

In Cylinder Flow Studies in IC Engines Using PIV

Hypersonic Air Breathing Engine Development Key Technological Issues
    -Dr. Satish Kumar

Hydrogen Engines Towards Clean Air and Sustainable Energy
    -Prof. L.M Das

Hydrogen Assisted Combustion And Emission Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Fuels
    -Prof. S.K Aggarwal

Gaseous fuel for Railway Engines
    -Prof. Anirudh Gautam

From Turbulent Flame Speed to Flame Particle Tracking Global and Local Viewpoints to Analyze Turbuleence-Flame Interaction
    -Prof. Swetaprovo Chaudhuri

Flameless Combustion with Liquid Fuels

Dynamic Characterization of Laboratory Scale Thermal Pulse Combustor

Distributed Generation for Sustainability in Indian Power Sector
    -Prof. Amitava Datta

Development of Novel Fuel Injectors for Gas Turbine Combustors

Development of Colorless Distributed Combustion CDC for Gas Turbine Application
    -Prof. V. Arghode

Development of a Laser Ignited Hydrogen Prototype Engine

Combustion Chemistry of Future Fuels for Future Engines
    -Prof. Mani M. Sarathy

Clean Power Production from Wastes and Biomass

Catalytic Conversion of Triglycerides to Green Liquid Biofuels
    -Prof. Y.H. Taufiq-Yap

Bridging the Premixed Diffusion Flame Divide

An Art of Developing Aviation Engine Combustion Technologies and Products

Pannel Disscusion Challenges and Opportunities for Future Research Collaborations in Combustion