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Lecture Videos: International Workshop on Energy, Propulsion and Environment
2017-03-08 to 2017-03-11

The Importance of experiments to computational combustion
    -Akshai Runchal, Director, CFDVRI, USA

The Importance of experiments to computational combustion - II
    -Akshai Runchal, Director, CFDVRI, USA

Fundamentals of experimental engineering research
    -Dr Abhijit Kushari, IIT Kanpur

Combustion deagnostics and Lab scale demonstrtion-1
    -Hukam Mongia, CSTI Associates, USA

Combustion deagnostics and lab scale demonstration-2
    -Ashwani K. Gupta, University of Maryland, USA

GE Aviation low emission combustion technologies
    -Arvind Rao, GE Aviation, Bangalore

Study of Moten flow breakup behavior in solid rocket motor
    -R.S. Amano and Y.H. Yen

Catalytic conversion of triglycer ideas and to green liquid biofuels
    -Y.H. Taufiq Yap

Thermochemical conversion of wastes to fuel
    -Ashwani K. Gupta

A general purpose aerosol transport model including nucleation, growth, coagulation and deposition
    -Akshai Runchal

Fuel cell systems in India opportunities and challenges
    -Atul Bhargav, IIT Gandhinagar

Effect of fuel unsaturation on emissions in diesel engine combustion
    -Suresh Aggarwal, University of Illions at Chicago, USA

Numerical study of the effect of the fine polydisperse water spray on laminar flame
    -Swarndu Sen, Jadavpur University

Alternate energy and fuel development for south india
    -Gabriel D. Roy, CPnE Consultants, USA

Role of analysis led design approach in diesel engine based after treatement system
    -Ambarish D Khot

Advances in detonation engine S&T for High-speed propulsion
    -K. Kailashnath

Design modifications & experimental validation of a liquid fueled single tube PDE for prolonged operatoin
    -Aashish Goel

A cloud based, realtime emergency responsve system
    -Darrell W Pepper

Thermochemical conversion of wastes to fuels
    -Srinibas Karmarkar, IIT Kharagpur

Thrmochemical conversion of wastes to fuels
    -Ram B. Gupta, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Dynamics of ducted inverse diffusion flames
    -Achintya Mukhopadhyay, Jadavpur University

Innovative Bio-Char Briquetting from Corn Residue
    -Torrefaction Process by Somrat Kerdsuwan

Quantitative Lase-based diagnostics and Modelling of syngas-air counterflow difussion flames
    -R.V. Ravikrishna, Indian Institute of Science

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