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Lecture Videos: UP Startup Conclave Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Academic Institutions: Challenges and Opportunities
2017-03-18 to 2017-03-19

Opening Ceremony

Ideation and importance of Entrepreneurship
    -Dr Ashutosh Khanna

Elements of TBI Infrastructure and Challenges
    -Prof Sameer Khandekar

Inspirational talk
    -Mr. R K Agarwal

Importance of IP Management
    -Mr Ravi Pandey

Introducing ISBA and Experiences of Running a TBI
    -Dr. Raghunandan Rajamani

Introducing ISBA and Experiences of Running a TBI
    -Mr Arvind Chopra

Steps to Incorporate a Company and Compliances
    -Yogi Srivastava

Interaction on government funding avenues to the incubator and startup companies

Faculty Entrepreneur
    -Prof Bharat Lohani

Social Entrepreneurship concepts and examples
    -Dr AbhiJit sathe

Startup Initiatives and policies
    -Dr Neelam Srivastava

Development Innovation and Incubation Center
    - Dr Harsh Vikram Singh

The biggest challenges that UR services faced
    -Dr Neelam Srivastava

Importance of entrepreneurship
    -Mrs Vibha Tripathi

Challenges faced by entrepreneurs

Closing Ceremony

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