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Lecture Videos: KIT Short Term Course on BIG DATA
2017-08-07 to 2017-08-11

Introduction to Big Data
    -Dr. Veena Bansal, IIT Kanpur

Big Data Modelling
    -Dr. Veena Bansal, IIT Kanpur

Big Data a technical perspective
    -Dr. Deepu Philip, IIT Kanpur

Your own problem
    - Dr. Veena bansal, IIT Kanpur

Big Data Scenario: Energy
    -Dr. Anoop Singh, IIT Kanpur

Map Reduce
    -Dr. Veena Bansal, IIT Kanpur

    -Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya, IIT Kanpur

Data Mining Association Mining
    - Dr. Faiz Hamid, IIT Kanpur

    -Dr. Medha Atre, IIT Kanpur

Social Media Analytics Marketing
    -Dr. Shankar Pravesh, IIT Kanpur

Algotithms model Classification
    -Dr. Purushottam Kar, IIT Kanpur

    -Pallavi Kar

Data Interpretation Pitfalls
    -Dr. Nisheeth Srivastava, IIT Kanpur

Experiments with Big Data
    -Dr. Dhiraj Sati, DPH Software Services Pvt. Ltd.

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