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Lecture Videos: KIT short term course on Introduction to Robotics
2017-09-04 to 2017-09-08

Fundamental of robotics
    -Dr. Ashish Dutta IIT kanpur

Spatial Representation
    -Dr. Ashish Dutta IIT Kanpur

Robotics Kinematics
    -Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta IIT Kanpur

Actuators and Senors Val II
    -Dr. Ashish Dutta IIT Kanpur

Plenary I
    -Dr. T Asokan IIT Madras

Jacobian, Singularity and Workspace
    -Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta IIT Kanpur

Manipulator Dynamics
    -Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta IIT Kanpur

2D and 3D Vision for Robotics Vision and Lab Session
    -Prof. K. S. Venkatesh IIT Kanpur

Plenary II
    -Dr. T. A. Dwarakanath BARC Mumbai

Motion Planning
    -Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta IIT Kanpur

Basic Conrol
    -Dr. S. R. Sahoo IIT Kanpur

Designing Reconfigurable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    - Dr. Abhishek IIT Kanpur

Robot Learning by Imitation
    -Samrat Dutta IIT Kanpur

Autonomous Control of Variable Pitch Quadrotor Helicopters
    -Dr. Mangal Kothar IIT Kanpur

Spatial Representation
    -Dr. Bishakh Bhattacharya IIT Kanpur

Plenary III
    -Dr. C.S. Kumar IIT Kharagpur

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