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Lecture Videos: Faculty Induction Program- Group A
2018-01-20 to 2018-01-24

Welcome Talk Generic Curriculum and its constituents
    -Prof C S Upadhyay

    -Prof C S Upadhyay

Automated Tutoring of Introductory Programming Course
    -Prof A Karkare

Bringing Engineering Drawing
    -Prof A Saxena

    -Prof Adrish Bannerjee

About TEQIP III - continue..
    -Prof C S Upadhyay

Core Mathematics-Objectices, content, preperation, delivery, expectation
    -Prof Muthukumar

Core Physics- Objectives, content, preperation, delivery, expectation
    -Prof. M K Harbola

Course Monitoring Mechanism at IITK
    -Prof. C S Upadhyay

Critical Thinking and Ethics
    -Prof. R P Chhabra

Curriculum Structure Philosophy followed in the Department
    -Prof. A Joshi

Digital Electronics and Microprocessors
    -Prof. S S K Iyer

Digital Signal Processing
    -Prof Rajesh Hedge

Discussion on Faculty Improvement
    -Porf. C S Upadhyay, Prof. Debopam Das & Prof. Shakti Gupta

    -Prof. A R Harish

Experiences with Brihaspati as a teaching management system
    -Prof. Y N Singh

How to prepare for a course
    -Prof B Baswana

Importance of the HSS component of teaching
    -Prof Achla Raina

Introduction of Electrical Engg
    -Prof S P Das

Introduction to Electronics
    -Prof B Mazhari

Introduction to EPP
    -Prof B D Gupta

Material Science in UG education
    -Prof Ashish Garg

    -Prof Aloke Dutta

MOOCS, Flipped Classroom Paradigms
    -Prof T V Prabhakar

Power Electronics
    -Prof Santanu Misra

Power Systems
    -Prof Saikat Chakraborty

Presentation on Academic Structure at IITK
    -Prof Rajeev Gupta

Signals and Systems
    -Prof K S Venkatesh

Statistical Methods and Errors
    -Prof Sandeep Sangal

Teaching of Dynamics
    -Prof Ishan Sharma

Teaching of Fluid Mechanics
    -Prof Debopam Das

What to test for Learning evaluation through quizzes exams projects
    -Prof M K Harbola

UPCOMING EVENTS 1 KIT Workshop on Faculty Training on Robotics & Automation
17 Feb 2020 - 28 Feb 2020

2 KIT International Workshop on Energy, Environment and Multiphase Flows
24 Feb 2020 - 26 Feb 2020

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