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Lecture Videos: Faculty Induction Program- Group B
2018-01-29 to 2018-02-02

Automated Tutoring of Introductory Programming Course
    -Prof A Karkare

Control System
    -Prof R P Potluri

Course Monitoring Mechanism at IITK
    -Prof C S Upadhyay

Curriculum Structure Philosophy followed in the Department
    -Prof Deepak Gupta

Dynamics; Vibrations
    -Prof Shakti Gupta

Energy Systems
    -Prof M K Das

Fluid Mechanics
    -Prof K Murlidhar

General Talk
    -Prof H C Verma

Introduction to Electronics
    -Prof B Mazhari

Machine Design
    -Prof P Venkitanarayanan

Machining; Forming
    -Prof Niraj Sinha

Mechnical Engineering
    -Prof Prakash M Dixit

Session with NPIU
    -Prof P M Khodke

Strength of Materials and Elasticity
    -Prof Anurag Gupta

Teaching Dynamics and Vibrations toBright Undergraduates of Today
    -Prof Anindya Chatterjee

Teaching of Fluid Mechanics
    -Prof Debopam Das

Theory of Machines
    -Prof Pankaj Wahi

Thermodynamics and Heat transfer
    -Prof S Khandekar

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