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Lecture Videos: IUTAM symposium on Dynamics of Complex Fluids and Interfaces
2018-12-17 to 2018-12-20

Rheology of granular mixtures in dense flows
    -Devang Khakhar

Dissipation potentials and the stability of granular flow
    -Joe Goddard

Rheology of steady, dense, cohesinless granular flows
    -Prof. Ashish Bhateja

Pitch talks for posters
    -Anubhb Roy

Pitch talks for posters
    -Akash Sharma

Pitch talks for posters
    -Amarendar Nagilla

Pitch talks for posters
    -Jason Picardo

Nonlinear shear rheometry of entangled polymers
    -Dimitris Vlassopoulos

Universal scaling and the understanding of gelation in associative polymer solution
    -Ravi Jagadeeshan

Implications of colloidal self assembly, confinement and electric field on rheology, microstructure of colloidal particles-in-liquid crystal suspensions
    -Prachi Thareja

Concentration dependence of rheological properties of unentangled polymer solutions
    -Prabhakar Ranganathan

Simulations of polymers and surfactants at interfaces
    -Ron Larson

Wall Slip Mechanism in Yield Stress Fluids
    -Philippe Coussot

Interacting swimmer suspensions Velocity fluctuations tracer diffusivity
    -Ganesh Subramanim

Rigity percolation, gelation, and glass transitions
    -Norman J Wagner

Shear Jamming and rheology of dense suspensions
    -Ryohei Seto

Particle induced interfacial instability
    -Sungyon Lee

Interfacial Instabilities from Resonance-Physical Phenomena, Mathematical Modeling, Experimental Evaluation
    -Ranga Narayanan

Sorting of proteins with shape and curvature anisotropy on a lipid bilayer tube
    -Sovan Lal Das

Electrokinetics in viscoelastic liquied electrolytes above the diffusion limit
    -L A Archer

The Mechanics of Active Matter
    -John Brady

Particle migration in rotating suspensions
    -Anugrah Singh

Capillary induced motion of particles bridging interfaces of a thin liquid film
    -Mahesh Tirumkudulu

Microstructure and particle phase stress in a dense suspension
    -Jim Jenkins

Capsules and vesicles in electric fields
    -Rochish Thaokar

Rheology of cohesive granular materials DEM results
    -Jean Noel Roux

A higher-gradient non-local model for dense granular flows that captures shear driven dilatancy
    -Prabhu Nott

Probing granular physical across scales using tailored experiments
    -Nathalie Vriend

Quantifying fabric in granular materials using computed tomography
    -Tejas Murthy

Optically induced changes in nanoparticle solvation and mobility
    -Nicholas Abbott

Regulation of epithelial tissue rheology in embroyonic development
    -Mohd Shuail Rizvi

Shear Induced Migration in Bacterial suspensions
    -Laxmi Narasimha Rao

Fluidity, Anisotropy, and velocity correlations in collisional shearing flows
    -Jim Jenkins

Segregation in dense, included, layered granular flows
    -Michele Larcher

Flow of buoyant granular material along a free surface
    -Herbert Huppert