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Lecture Videos: Mechanics in Physics
2014-06-23 to 2014-06-27

Conserved quantities
    -Dr. Sagar

Dimensional analysis
    -Prof. M.K.. Verma

Frames of reference
    -Dr. sagar

Newton's laws
    -Dr. Srinivasan

Seminar Introduction
    -Dr. Srinivasan

Seminar introduction
    -Dr. sagar

    -Dr. C.S.Upadhayay and Dr. D. Yadav

Angular Momentum
    -Dr. M.K. Verma

Learning in Exam-hallby
    -Dr. Srinivasan

    -Dr. M.K. Verma

System of particals-I
    -Dr. Sriniwasan

System of Particals-II
    -Dr. Sriniwasan

Classical to Relativistic in Classroom
    -Prof. Jayanta K. Bhattacharya

Lorentz Transformations
    -Prof. Jayanta K. Bhattacharjee

Model tutorial Generic examples
    -Dr. Kausik

    -Dr. M.K. Verma

Relativistic Kinematics
    -Dr. Tapobrata Sarkar

Classical to Quantum in Classroom
    -Dr. Jayanta K Bhattacharjee

Generic examples
    -Dr. Saikat Ghosh

Schrodinger equation
    -Dr. Jayanta K. Bhattacharjee

Uncertainty Principle
    -Dr. K. Srinivasan

Generic examples
    -Prof. Kausik Bhattacharya

Hydrogen Atom
    -Dr. Kausik Bhattacharya

Particle in a Box
    -Dr. Tapobrata Sarkar

Simple harmonic Oscillator
    -Dr. Tapobrata Sarkar

Special Talk
    -Dr. H.C.Verma

Special Talk
    -Dr. Ishan Sharma

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