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Lecture Videos: Dynamics & Vibrations
2014-06-30 to 2014-07-03

Essentials for a course in linear vibration
    -Prof. Pankaj wahi

Non Linear vibration-geometrical Approach
    -Prof. A.K Malik

Non Linear vibration-geometrical Approach continued
    -Prof A.K. Malik

Random Vibration- Introduction
    -Dr. D. Yadav

Damping and its implications for dynamic systems
    -Dr. Pankaj Wahi

Nonlinear Vibration- Harmonically excited Duffing oscillator
    -Prof. A. K. Mallik

Nonlinear Vibration- Harmonically excited Duffing oscillator - part 2
    -Prof. A. K. Mallik

Random Vibration- Characterization
    -Dr. D.Yadav

Rotation in rigid body dynamics
    -Prof. Anindya Chatterjee

Essentials for a course on continuous systems
    -Dr. Pankaj Wahi

Modal analysis and issues with strings and beams
    -Dr. Pankaj Wahi

Nonholonomic constraints in Lagrangian mechanics
    -Prof. Anindya Chatterjee

Random Vibration- Application to linear systems
    -Dr. D. Yadav

Discrete element methodA computational tool to study particulate flow
    -Dr. Ishan Sharma and Dr. Ashish Bhateja

Helicopter dynamics and vibration
    -Dr. C. Venkatesan

Helicopter dynamics and vibration
    -Prof. Abhishek

Noise suppression
    -Prof. Vijay Gupta

Vibration study of Sitar
    -Prof. Pankaj Wahi