TEQIP workshop on undergraduate education in Chemical & Material sciences and Material Engineering

February 22-23, 2014

There is a dire need for improving the technical manpower in several fields, including industry, government, teaching and research. Though its mandate the technical education quality improvement program (TEQIP) aspires to help create a vibrant enviornment for improving the dissemination of knowledge to the primary carriers of technical education, the teachers and students. It desires to build proper teaching tools and aids for effective teaching, and to form a platform for interaction, sharing of resources, intellectual discussions, continued learning, and knowledge improvement. Additional information about this endeavour for the IIT Kanpur Incubation Centre is available at http://www.teqipiitk.in

The Knowledge Incubation for TEQIP at IIT Kanpur recognizes the need for such an effort in the Materials and Chemical Sciences. This effort is meant to address the Chemical and Materials Engineering Programs at several Universities and Institutes in India. The present TEQIP workshop is aimed at discussing and suggesting curricula and directions for Chemical and Materials Engineering Programs.

In the workshop emphasis will be placed on discussing:

List of selected faculty members for summer internship :

Day 1( 22nd February 2014)
Session 1 Registration
General Introducion of TEQIP Dr. Goutam Deo
OutLine of the workshop Dr. Ashish Garg
Discussion on UG Curriculum at IIT Kanpur Dr. Manoj Harbola
Session 2 Relevence of Physical, Chemical and Material
Science in Engineering
Dr. Raj Chhabra
Expert talk on Chemical Sciences Dr. G.D. Yadav
Expert talk on Physical Sciences Dr. Y.N. Mohapatra
Discussion of UG Curriculum of CHE of some IITs Dr. Goutam Deo
Session 3 Expert talk on Material Sciences Dr. Vikaram Jayaram
Discussion of UG Curriculum of CHE of some IITs Dr. Sandeep Sangal
Session 4 Inputs from participiants on their Curriculum, and discussion Dr. Deepak Gupta
Dr. N.B. Ballal
Dr. G. Phanikumar
Dr. T.A. Abinandanan
Day 2(23rd February 2014)
Thermatic Discussion to evolve the Chemical and Materials
Engineering Cirriculum
Session 1 (A) Fundamentals Dr. Sandeep Sangal
a. Structure and Characterization Dr. Ashish Garg,
Dr. Anandh Subramaniam
b. Thermodynamics and Rate Process Dr. Y.M. Joshi,
Dr. Deepak Kunzru
Session 2 (B) Processes
a. Manufacturing Process Dr. Anish Upadhyay,
Dr. Kallol Mandal,
Dr. Shashank Shekhar,
Dr. Kantesh Balani
b. Design, Control and Modeling Dr. G. Phanikumar,
Dr. S.K. Gupta,
Dr. N.B. Ballal,
Dr. Somnath Bhowmick
Session 3 (C) Properties and Applications
a. Mechanical Properties and Applications Dr. Kallol Mandal,
Dr. Shashank Shekhar,
Dr. Krishanu Biswas,
Dr. Nilesh Gurao
b. Electrical, Optical and Magnetic Properties
and Applications
Monica Katiyar,
Dr. Anshu Gaur,
Dr. Siddhartha Panda
c. Nano and Bio-Technology Dr. Kantesh Balani,
Dr. Animangsu Ghatak,
Dr. Sri Shivakumar
d. Other Areas Dr. V.Shankar,
Dr. Kesava Rao
Session 4 Action Points and Recommendations Dr. Ashish Garg,
Dr. Goutam Deo
Concluding Remarks Dr. I. Manna,
Dr. C.S. Upadhyay