TEQIP Workshop on Leadership Exposure

17-19 February 2014

IIT Kanpur has been envolved in the TEQIP initiative on improving quality of technical education. IIT Gandhinagar has also undertaken the task of acting as a model center for quality improvement of technical institutes in Gujrat. Academic and administrative autonomy Plays a crucial part in improvement of standards in an educational institutios, IIT Gandhinagar requested us to host chosen administrators from these institutions, so that they can inbibe the administrative and academic culture of IIT Kanpur, which is considered as a model autonomous institution.

On the request of IIT Gandhinagar, IIT kanpur TEQIP has conducted a three days workshop on Leadership Exposure for Directors, Principals and administration of their TEQIP quality circle, The schedule covers different aspects of governance of IIT Kanpur in administrative as well as academic aspects. Speakers have been drawn from academics, administration and students of the institute. The workshop schedule was designed to give a complete working knowledge of the various aspects of IIT Kanpur functioning and help prepare the administration for an autonomous conduct of their own business.


09:30AM-10:00AM Registration
10:00AM-10:45AM Inauguration and Address by Deputy Director- Broad Administrative Structure at IITK
10:45AM-11:15AM TEA
11:15AM-12:30AM Finance Officer (Mr. M. Malick) - Managing IITK’s finances
12:30PM-01:30PM Student Affairs – A discussion on how IITK manages students, hostels and activities (Prof. AK Ghosh)
01:30PM-03:00PM Lunch
03:00PM-04:00PM Buildings and maintenance at IIT Kanpur – working of IWD (Mr. R. Garg, SE)
04:00PM-04:15PM TEA
04:15PM-05:00PM Running of facilities and general administration (Dr. Arvind Kumar)
05:00PM-05:30PM Presentation by student senate -- Functioning of student senate and its activities
9:30AM-10:30AM Research and Development-- Managing Research at IITK (Prof. A. K. Chaturvedi)
10:30AM-11:00AM TEA
11:00AM-11:45AM Resources and Alumni -- Alumni, funds and international relations (Prof. P. Munshi)
11:45AM-1:30PM Discussion on department structure by HODs (Profs. C. Venkatesan, P. M. Dixit, H. Karnick)
1:30PM-3:00PM Lunch
3:00PM-3.30PM Discussion on running of library services (Mr. Srivastava)
3:30PM-4:00PM Faculty in-charge security (Prof. Shalabh Shrivastava )-- Security of IITK
4:00PM – 4:30PM TEA
4:30PM-5:30PM Faculty Affairs at IIT Kanpur – recruitment, promotion, etc (S. Biswas)
5:30PM-6:30PM Academic Affairs – Academic structure and academic governance at IITK (Prof. S. Mittal)
9:30AM-10:30AM Registrar and his team -- Structure of Registrar's office and staff governance (Purchase, Legal, Health, Telephonic, etc)
10:30AM-11:00AM TEA
11:15AM-12:30PM Session on Academic administration-- Conveners SUGC,SPGC,DUGC and DPGC etc.
12:45PM-1:30PM Discussion with senate parliamentarian and convener – the senate of IIT Kanpur
1:30PM- 3:00PM Lunch
3:00PM- 4:00PM Discussion with Institute representatives of BOG- Profs. R. Shekhar, Neeraj Mishra, Manoj Harbola)
4:00PM- 4:15PM TEA
4:15PM- 4: 45PM Closing