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TEQIP Workshop on

Rarefied and Microscale Gases and Viscoelastic Fluids: a Unified Framework

23rd Feb - 2nd March 2017


Non-equilibrium flows, such as rarefied flows through micro/nano-channels and around vehicles operating at high altitudes, are now widely studied flows because of their applications in many areas of engineering including MEMS devices. Considering the on going focus of research/industries on micro/nano scale technologies, it is important to have a graduate level course such as “Rarefied and Microscale Fluid Flows”. Such a course would not only prepare graduate students for working on state-of-the-art research problems,but also would train them to suit to the changing job requirements in the market. Therefore, time has come, when such a course can be considered to be taught at the Graduate Level in NITs/Engineering Colleges

The proposed short-term TEQIP course on Rarefied & Microscale Gases and Viscoelastic Fluids: a Unified Framework from 23-02-2017 to 02-03-2017 at IIT Kanpur is one such initiative in this direction, with the objective of disseminating the knowledge in this interesting subject. The intended audience includes faculty members/post-graduate students from NITs/Engineering Colleges, young engineers from R&D labs. The experts chosen to deliver the lectures are academicians, and not only working in the said area, but are also teaching the same at their Institutes. Therefore, having them here at one platform would enable the participants to generate interest and knowledge in this area by directly interacting with the experts. Through examples and discussions, an attempt will be made to explain the procedures of the subject in a simplistic manner. The hands-on sessions would allow participants to gain deeper insights into the subject.

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