TEQIP Workshop on

Dynamics and Control of Rotorcraft

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

2-6 February 2018


This workshop aims to give the participants a broad overview of the field of dynamics and control of rotary wing aerial vehicles.
  • Introduction to helicopter aerodynamics: hover and forward fight (2 lectures), Rotor blade dynamics: equation of motion for rigid blades (2 lectures), Helicopter trim (1 lecture), Rotor response to perturbations (1 lecture), Linear and non-linear flight dynamics models (1 lecture)
  • Fixed and variable pitch quadrotor dynamics (1 lectures), Linear and nonlinear control design (2 lectures)
  • Minimum complexity helicopter model for real time simulation and control design (1 lecture), Introduction to frequency domain based system identi cation for helicopters (1 lecture)
  • The Euler equations for a rigid body and the dynamics of a helicopter (1 lecture), Introduction to smooth manifolds (2 lectures), The rotational rigid body equations in acoordinate-free framework (1 lecture)
  • Lyapunov stability and stabilization (1 lecture), Lyapunov stability and stabilization on a manifold (1 lecture), Tracking problems on a manifold (2 lectures)

Target Audience

Engineering faculty and students working in the area of control, robotics, aerospace, and personnel from industry and research organizations are the targeted participants. All Interested Scientists, Engineers, Faculty members and PG students are encouraged to participate.

Contact Information

For question related to talks of the workshop:
Dr. Abhishek

Dr. Mangal Kothari

For any other questions:
TEQIP Office
Knowledge Incubation for TEQIP, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur