KIT Short Term Course on

Pedagogical Perspective on Materials Selection and Design in Manufacturing

June 15 - 27, 2020


The main objective of this course is to apprise the faculty, student and staff of technical/engineering institutes about material selection, design and manufacturing. More specifically, the focus of the course will be towards conveying the structure-property-processing correlation in the design of engineering materials for range of applications. Modern manufacturing requirements necessitate an excellent understanding of these corelationships. The pedagogical approach for this course is aimed at students faculty, technical staff and students (both UG and PG). The course will have lectures has well as lab-sessions. This course will introduce important aspects of casting/solidification, different joining processes, powder metallurgy, micro fabrication processes and various deformation techniques like forging, rolling, swaging etc.


  • To provide a pedagogical underpinning of material processing and manufacturing approach both from fundamental as well as applied aspects.
  • Introduction to basic concepts utilized in materials selection and their properties that influence subsequent manufacturing processes
  • Basic elements of the solidification processing, joining particulate material processing and deformation processing.
  • Advanced manufacturing concepts (micro fabrication, additive manufacturing , rapid prototype, semi-solid processing)
  • Hands on demonstration and training on various manufacturing process from a metallurgical context

Tentative Topics

  • Introduction: Introduction to manufacturing Process, Engineering materials‐ classification Structure of materials, Types of materials, Properties of materials, Microstructure property interrelationship
  • Casting/ Solidification: Classifications of casting processes Patterns, Core making, Gating system, Solidification of pure metals and alloys, shrinkage, gas solubility, Riser design Investment casting, Casting defects
  • Joining Processes: Fusion welding, Arc (MMAW, SAW, SMAW), Gas welding and resistance welding, Fusion zone, Heat-affected zone (HAZ) ,Brazing and Soldering, Solid state welding processes
  • Deformation Processes: Stress strain curve, Effect of temperature on the workability , Extrusion (direct and indirect) ; Rolling– Hot and Cold, Forging (open and closed die) Swaging
  • Powder Metallurgy: Introduction, Powder production, Compaction and Sintering
  • Micro Fabrication Processes: Silicon processing, Lithography, Micro fabrication technique


Dr. Anish Upadhyaya
(Professor, MSE Department)

Who can Attend

Faculty members, students and technical staff (preferably from Mechanical, Aerospace, Material Science and Metallurgy) can participate in this event.

5 students accompanied by two faculties and 2 technical staff member from each institute is desired.

The names of faculty student and staff members should be recommended by the TEQIP coordinator/Director/HOD of the institute/department. There is no registration fees for participants from TEQIP institutes.


To register for this program, please send following information. This should be sent by your TEQIP Coordinator/Director/HOD to, with subject "Registration: PPMSDM 2020".

1) Full name
2) Gender
3) Designation
4) Department
5) Institute
6) Scanned copy of Institute ID card
7) E-mail Address
8) Mobile number
9) Tentative arrival and departure date and time

There are limited seats, please send your registration as soon as possible . Selection will be made on first-come-first serve basis. If selected, you will be sent a confirmation email. Your expression of interest in participation is confirmation of your participation, unless communicated otherwise.

Accommodation :

Double occupancy rooms are booked for all participant at Visitor Hostel, IIT Kanpur.